Checks & Balance

paper-note-ipad-76752 College is expensive but if you’re anything like me, you have loaded up on Federal Grants, Student Loans and applied to any scholarship that accepted your GPA.My friends Have found their way into Work Study.If you plan on staying on Campus the price of college seems to double. I chose to get a job. But any job, but a full-time job.In 2010 when I first started my journey, fresh out of High School, I received my first taste of freedom. I was free to do whatever the hell I wanted; I could eat, sleep, wake up, party, just do whatever. Most of these things that I wanted to do cost some currency! I now understood the true meaning of the “Broke College Student.” There were no Rich Mommies and Daddies to help me out. Then I decided to try my hand and work at McDonald’s, which was a distance away from campus. That was THE BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER.

At McDonald’s, my shifts were

pexels-photo-1001763e long, difficult and tiresome. When I left work, I was usually dead TIRED and had absolutely 0 energy. The first couple of weeks, I left my shift, took the metro bus to Coppin, sat in class(ended up falling asleep in class, returned to my dorm and went straight to ZzzLand.By the time, I work up, it would be somewhere around 10:00pm. Usually, I would wake up to my friends banging on the door and about  10 missed calls and text messages informing me about things that I missed during my slumber. By the time, I got off my bed to the door, I already committed myself to a party that night. I got up , got dressed, took two shots and escaped into Baltimore’s nightlife.I returned  to campus 4:00 in the morning to repeat the cycle three hours later at 7:30am.The sound of my phones alarm was noise to my ears as I got up to prepare for work. As I boarded the bus to work, I could not tell you what yesterdays’ class was about, what chapters to read for next class, or when was the next test. Eventually, I started to fade away from my course.I had a pocket full of money in my pocket when I woke up but I was surely losing my scholarships and even worse: lowering


g my GPA.

    My advice-stick with work study. Work study is wayyyy easier to manage with work study. You can balance your work with your school work. Your school may even have your work on both at the same time. For example, some of my suitemates worked as a Computer Lab Attendant where they made sure other students signed in, closed the lab, ensured that student signed off the computer and if needed help students who seemed to be having trouble using the computer. Most students were usually proficient in that area so during their shifts, they were able to successfully complete assignments while making some walking around money. Time management became easier and they were only a few feet away from their classes.

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