Self Care for the Hardworking Black Woman


Sometimes ,we get so wrapped up in the mist of writing papers, working our 9-5’s , and taking care of families and responsibilities that we forget how important it is to take care of ourselves.Queen, we must not forget that we deserve to treated just as such. Below, are a couple steps I took to improve my mind, body ,and soul.


1.Let Go of Grudges,Negative Feelings and Negative People.

This has to be one of the most important steps of them all. Holding on to grudges tend to have an impact the mind, body and soul.These negative thoughts can weigh down your mind and cause your health to deteriorate. By eliminating the Negative Nancys in your life, you can improve your confidence, self-esteem, and will not have to worry about someone “holding you back.” You will  feel free without anyone there to doubt your progress.


2.Hit the Gym.

For me, exercising is a way to escape.While I exercised, I was able to think clearer while I got in shape.Create a work out playlist ,and go for a jog around a neighborhood track.Yoga is also a peaceful exercise that will clear your mind and bring your soul at peace.


3.Find a Hobby

Upon “discovering myself”, I realized that I did not really know what I actually liked to do besides- shopping and getting my nails/hair  done.One day I decided to do some research and I wrote down a list of hobbies that I was willing try.Each weekend I would try a new hobby.I realized that there were many activities that I enjoyed.I now paint, do photography , write,and next weekend I’ll be trying sewing. Maybe you already know what you enjoy doing, take some time to do those activities.



Sometimes, we get stuck in the same routines .Our perspectives are never-changing and our  are thoughts become stagnant.Last summer, after experiencing  a number of challenges in my life,I decided to take some time to travel . My thoughts became clear as I seen the world in many different perspectives.I was happy and I felt free.


5.Relax.Pick a Spa Day.

Pamper yourself .You work hard all year long.You deserve a time to relax. Each month no matter how hectic my days may be,I  Save a little bit of money from each of my  checks to have a spa day-something to make me feel good.On that day, I do nothing but relax.I may have a glass of wine,get my nails and hair done, ,do some painting and even get a message.


 6.Spend Time With Friends

Ain’t nothing like spending some time with your girls! Sometimes life catches up to the crew and life happens! Take some time to gather up the girls and go out for a night on the town.Eat some dinner , have some drinks,or do some shopping!Cherish these memories and surround your self with a positive group of women.They will have your back and will be there for you when you doubt yourself to pick you back up.


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